My Music

Children’s Choir Songs

I want the songs I write for younger people (Key Stage 2 upwards) to be up-lifting and inspiring. Most of these songs are upbeat and explore a variety of thoughts, feelings, topics and issues.

“Your song was a triumph!”Duncan Heather – International vocalist, Creative Director of Slamdunk Entertainment & host of the Last Choir Singing competition

“We loved singing Open Your Eyes! We thoroughly enjoyed practising it and we’ll be using for other concerts too! Thanks for writing it!”@PrimaryMrBrown, Manor Road Primary School, Chorley

“I love Open Your Eyes – it’s such a beautiful song to sing”@aimeeivy78, Shakespeare Primary School, Fleetwood


My country songs reflect my more thoughtful, story-telling side. Songs with lots of character and narrative, one of which was co-written in the world-famous Monnow Valley Studios. They range from quiet lullabies to full-on, Nashville country rock.

Classical Crossover

These songs are a product of my love for both the classical and pop music genres. I believe that, when combined with the beauty of the Italian language, a modern arrangement can form the most romantic type of pop song. I’d love to hear Andrea Bocelli sing one of them…


A selection of my pop songs, written in different styles within a broad genre. Alibi has some Latin American rhythmic influences, whilst Forget and Pieces have more of an R’n’B feel. Without You is a pop folk/ballad with a story to tell and Burst My Bubble has all the hallmarks of bubblegum pop.

I hope you enjoy them! If you do, please feel free to comment on the tracks on my Soundcloud site.